About Gongshe

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         Gongshe  Info  Inc  owned websites was set up in 2002 , Including offline interactive web portal and the website of public relations, which belong to Gongshe Info Inc. and Jinan Gongshe  Recreation & Sports center. The company runs for making marketing plan and Ads. At present, it offers the service of carrying marketing plan off line in Qingdao and Jinan as it has the professional skill of planning and performing.

        We have experienced planning team, Media resources through out the related industry, and perfect team for carry out the project. We have unlimited ideas to plan many interactive activities off line and the activities of Public relationship on Net successfully; we know the interests and the taste of cyber citizen very well, and choose various suitable channel on Net to release the information. We make more cyber citizens experience the joy of sharing through interactive activities off line, so the brand arrive to the climax point through Net activities.

        We are one of the best planners of integrated marketing and interactive activities. No matter it's on line or off line. We can read the minds of cyber citizens and readers, master the way of diffusion on Net or on the Media. We are good at making hot news. The infor-mation is released naturally through interesting Games, fashionable consumption which is combined with Net and Traditional Media.

        Gongshe Info Inc  knows the present characteristics of diffusion as we have the experiences of public relations on Net and interaction off line. We make our marketing plan more effective by fashionable, healthy, environmental friendly activities.

        Gongshe  Info  Inc  is dedicated to IT, telecommunications, automotive, Internet, tourism, consumer goods, finance, insurance, hotel, medical, entertainment, culture, communication and other fast-growing industry and non-governmental organizations to provide professional interactive marketing planning, public relations planning, activities planning, media planning, government public relations, crisis PR, marketing research, interactive marketing, advertising and other services.

         Gongshe  Info  Inc   spread your message over the Internet!